This Week in Links 66

Since we record a new show every two weeks, on off weeks we do a link roundup of things we've read and want to share.

  • Rebecca Solnit has a delightful new essay, "Men Explain Lolita to Me"Saying this upset some men. Many among that curious gender are easy to upset, and when they are upset they don’t know it (see: privelobliviousness). They just think you’re wrong and sometimes also evil.
  • ESPN and Marvel teamed up to create superhero-esque art for the IMPACT25 honorees, and the results are gorgeous. We're particularly in love with Annie Wu's drawing of ballerina Misty Copeland, and Kate Niemczyk's illustration of Loretta Lynch -- whoa.
  • "Season's Greetings From Tom & Carlos": they have fun over on the Flash set, obviously. Weird fun, but fun.
  • Vulture has some depressing-ass charts to contrast the ages of three of our biggest female stars against the ages of the men they're romantically paired with on film.
  • We linked to a piece by Ta-Nehisi Coates last roundup on his work writing the Black Panther, but here's a roundup of his complete writing on it: When I first started writing, I was anxious that I would be pigeon-holed into the "race-beat." Eventually I realized that the "race beat" was actually the "humanity beat," and that questions about "racism" are really questions about the exercise of power. Perhaps more importantly I realized that "race" was an essential thread of American society, and questions about race were questions about the very nature of the Western world. I wasn’t pigeon-holed, I’d fallen into a gold-mine. America is the most powerful country in the world. You simply can’t understand how it got that way without understanding "race."
  • Hamilton Lyrics To Sing To Your Dog
  • Lin-Manuel Miranda was on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert where he and Stephen performed a rap about one of the Declaration of Independence's lesser known signers, Georgian Button Gwinnett. It's pretty great, and we don't name enough kids "Button" anymore.
  • Mumblemumble about the idea of "required reading" at all, but this roundup of "required reading for women" -- a collection of non-fiction writing from 2015 -- has a lot of really great stuff in it.
  • This Wall Street Journal piece about the Broadway Show Bowling League -- in which teams of Broadway performers and techs bowl on Thursday nights -- sounds like the best kind of fever dream. (I first learned about this hearing Joshua Malina give a talk while I was in college, and was, for years, not totally sure he wasn't making it up, but it's ALL TRUE): Few in the league are competitive, but Mr. Stanek has invoked the mock ire of several bowlers who have taken to yelling "Stanek" whenever they throw a gutter ball. The grudge against him: He was a key member of a team called The Flying Pigs until he booked "Fun Home," deserted the Pigs and created a team with his new cast members.
  • This is our last link roundup of 2015, so let's close the year out right: Pentatonix performs a medley of the Star Wars music, and so does the cast of The Force Awakens, plus Jimmy Fallon and the Roots.