This Week in Links 65

Since we record a new show every two weeks, on off weeks we do a link roundup of things we've read and want to share.

  • Texas Monthly has a great, heartwarming story about the Rotan Yellowhammers, Texas' smallest high school marching band (24 strong).
  • Wendy Davis wrote an essay for Lena Dunham's newsletter called "I Fucking Hate to Lose," and in reading it, you will once again remember that the alternate universe where she is the governor of Texas is probably a better, gentler world than the one we currently inhabit: That journey has taught me that, while it's easy to see the value of success in winning something that you've tried for, tremendous benefits also come from the work involved in losing. Because there is value in fighting for something important to you, even when the outcome is not what you hoped it would be.
  • Jennifer Weiner gives us the term "Goldfinching" to describe the phenomenon of critics disparaging literary novels after they become popular with women.
  • Check out this great sneak peek into Ta-Nehisi Coates' Black Panther: One thing I did not count on was the extent to which the art would shape the story. Brian’s thoughts on T’Challa, and his supporting cast, have been invaluable. You can see the fruits of collaboration ... But this idea (and others) really came out of Brian’s thoughts—not just on the suit—but on the properties of Vibranium itself.
  • Why women's pockets are useless: A history
  • This New York Times story about Rojava -- an unrecognized state in Syria and Turkey that's explicitly feminist and environmentalist -- is amazing.
  • There's a $24 dress on Amazon that's become a favorite among America's female meteorologists, which actually says a lot about what it's like to be a female meteorologist.
  • Dave Grohl competes in a drum off with Animal from the Muppets. So that's pretty great.
  • Rolling Stone brings us the oral history of the "Bohemian Rhapsody" scene from Wayne's WorldI just love the song. It's ballsy that it's that long. It's ballsy that it's two songs in one, that's it's opera. Then when it kicks in, it's just such a fantastic release. I didn't think of another possibility.
  • The Associated Press has released their top 100 news images of the year. This is always a bracing look at what the big issues of a year really were.
  • In less serious photography news, the 2015 Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards are out. Get on that.