This Week in Links 63

Since we record a new show every two weeks, on off weeks we do a link roundup of things we've read and want to share.

  • Hamilton link: Lin-Manuel Miranda was on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon and they had a "wheel of freestyle," which is just as glorious as it sounds.
  • Politico has a truly wonderful story about Rep. John Lewis' third act -- from civil rights activist to congressional representative to comic book hero: "Most superheroes are fictional. The exception is with us today," says Tom Heintjes, introducing Lewis and Aydin to a conference room packed with Dragon Con goers.
  • Supposedly, Disney is retiring the Princess Leia "slave outfit" from all Star Wars merchandise. Good! Her iconic look is the white dress and crazy buns anyway.
  • Best headline of the week: Death metal music attracts sharks, documentary crew finds out
  • Vulture has an ode to Daria (and Daria's black friend Jodie): That's right, the mandate was not to have a bombshell character, or a sexy villain, or a buzzkill character who appeared only to ruin the guys' good time. McGrath wanted something different. Something that was not only more true to real life, but representative of an underfed audience: smart teenage girls.
  • The New York Times rounds up some fierce young women serving as drum majors in college bands across the country.
  • Spoonflower -- a website that prints fabric with users' designs -- had a contest to design a post-apocalyptic toile. Hello, we're listening.
  • The Nation has a great piece on the power of black Mizzou football players striking (and it's been updated to reflect that they've gotten the president of the unversity to resign): There is no football team without black labor. That means there aren’t million-dollar coaching salaries without black labor. There isn’t a nucleus of campus social life without black labor. There isn’t the weekly economic boon to Columbia, Missouri, bringing in millions in revenue to hotels, restaurants, and other assorted businesses without black labor.
  • Two interesting library stories: Ask a Manager did an interview with a prison librarian, and NPR has a great story about introducing "Libromats," or combination libraries/laundromats, to impoverished areas of South Africa.
  • Jezebel has a great essay about Devon Sawa in Casper, aptly tagged "Casper the Friendly Sexual Awakening": Only then do we see his face, just as we remark Kat’s expression upon seeing it too. She looks like we looked, watching her: compelled, full of vague recognition and bewilderment. This moment is a lonely girl’s fantasy, and Kat, scuttled from town to town by her father, is a lonely girl. I knew the type well: no one was ever looking for us, until suddenly, someone did. 
  • This charming profile of a culinary librarian, who collects recipes and cookbooks, is adorable.
  • This comic about the difference between being Latino and Hispanic is really informative!
  • Stop what you are doing and read the dedication of Gloria Steinem's book. I'm not asking.