This Week in Links 60

Since we record a new show every two weeks, on off weeks we do a link roundup of things we've read and want to share.

  • You thought we were done with Hamilton links, but the joke's on you. The Washington Post looks at the greatness of its total lack of ironyNo one steps out of it and winks. The one time Miranda (who wrote the show and stars as Hamilton) breaks character is to tell you a fun fact he learned from the historical record about one of Martha Washington’s tomcats. This musical has no chill.
  • There's also this astonishing video of Renée Elise Goldsberry and Jonathan Groff singing "Satisfied" at a fundraiser, in character as Angelica Schuyler and King George. I have watched it approximately forty-seven million times.
  • Pride and Recreation is one of those things that's so perfect -- a mashup of Parks & Recreation and Pride & Prejudice -- you can't believe you didn't think of it yourself.
  • I know in our crazy newscycle it feels like Ahmed Mohamed's story happened ages ago, but this Vox story about what's so infuriating about it is still really important: But the most heartbreaking part of the picture isn't about national policy or international headlines. It's the look on Mohamed's face. America was supposed to be better than this. But on Monday, his school and his local police force — both of them public institutions that his family's tax dollars support — failed him in a terrible, traumatic way. [BUT Spotify made him this great playlist, which is pretty delightful.]
  • Sana Amanat -- inspiration for Kamala Khan, Marvel editor of half our favorite books, possessor of great hair -- has a super cute video up at Makers about her childhood and parents.
  • A hero in Fort Worth made a dog train to take his rescue dogs out on outings. A dog train, for dog adventures. I love everyone in this bar.
  • This week in the kids are all right: Jerome Baker, a linebacker at Ohio State, is committed to using his position and influence to talk to men about sexual violence"Everyone knew I was being heavily recruited, and would ask if they could work out with me, " Baker says. "I would say, ‘OK, but we're going to talk about this while we work out.'"
  • Panels continues to cater to the very specific audience of Becca with a piece pairing comics with So You Think You Can Dance videos. That is two great tastes that taste great together.
  • We lost Jackie Collins, literary titan, this past week. (Have you sold 500 MILLION books? You have not.) HuffPo has a great tribute, and Vulture relinked this excellent video from 2013, in which Collins absolutely nails a quiz on shirtless hunks.