This Week in Links 57

Since we record a new show every two weeks, on off weeks we do a link roundup of things we've read and want to share.

  • First of all, in case you didn't hear: we are in a book! That's right, we've sold a piece as part of Kelly Jensen's Feminism For the Real World anthology, coming out in spring 2017, and we are SO EXCITED to finally be able to share the news!
  • Now for Hamilton news:
    • On the official Broadway premiere, for the #HAM4HAM show, Lin-Manuel Miranda read aloud from Ron Chernow's biography of Alexander Hamilton, the inspiration for the show. Get a tissue.
    • The New York Public Library has put together a Hamilton archive. Guess how we feel about libraries + Hamilton, guess.
  • John Oliver takes on sex ed in American schools. If your middle school/high school were anything like mine, you might find this video educational as well as hilarious.
  • No, you are crying about this Bloggess love letter to librariesI remember breathing in the welcoming smell of the dust of the books.  The soft sounds of the drawers of wooden card-catalogs that had slid open and closed so many times that they became a velvety hush.  The clean white slips of paper and tiny pencils waiting there (for free!) so that you might look up something wonderful and write down the secret code that would lead you to treasure.
  • Please enjoy these infographics from NPR (their science Tumblr is called Skunk Bear, because NPR is the greatest) on the relative size of various prehistoric animals to a modern human.
  • Please also enjoy the Smithsonian's roundup of owls across their collections.
  • MTV brings us the oral history of Bring It On, because MTV is committed to enduring works of journalism. God is on their side.
  • Please read Ezekiel Kwehu on waiting for cops to kill himMost of us will not be killed by police officers. White supremacy will not kill us so directly, so flagrantly. Instead it dogs our steps, wages niggling wars on our peace itself. Its power is in the daily theft of our joy, our dignity, our sanity.
  • Ryan North -- the guy behind Dinosaur Comics and Unbeatable Squirrel Girl -- got stuck in a hole with his dog today. Don't worry, everyone survives.