This Week in Links 56

Since we record a new show every two weeks, on off weeks we do a link roundup of things we've read and want to share.

  • Not even gonna pretend like we don't have a bunch of Hamilton links this week.
  • Ian McKellen teaches us how to make scrambled eggs. It's a family recipe, y'all.
  • The AV Club hosted an interesting conversation between a few comics artists about creating and drawing costumesA design doesn’t just work for every character even if it’s a good design. The character must come first and that establishes the parameters of where the design is going to go.
  • The Telegraph looks at the modern values of the inheritances Jane Austen's characters received, and just how flush they'd be today. Looks like Emma would be the richest; get it, girl.
  • This headline is Allison and Becca catnip: The Great Comics Hunk-Off.
  • Paul Rudd, still the goshdarn handsomest.
  • Danielle Henderson's piece for BuzzFeed about GeekyCon makes it, and being a fan, just seem like the greatest: There’s never been a better time to like things, or more ways to show how much you like them.
  • a) Jason Segel is in a book club and b) Jason Segel made his book club read Infinite Jest without telling them he'd been cast as David Foster Wallace. I kind of love that.
  • July 26th was the 25th anniversary of the Americans With Disabilities Act, a law that's made sweeping changes to the accessibility of everyday life for millions of American (still have a ways to go, of course). NPR has an interesting article about accessible fashion"What is the purpose of the garments that we wear?" she asks. "Why do certain things operate purposefully, whereas other things are simply sort of for appearance?"
  • Of eternal interest to us: a list of picture books about princesses that challenge princess stereotypes. (You know what I mean, even if that phrasing sounds a bit #notallprincesses)
  • Bless their hearts, men are such delicate creatures.