This Week in Links 53

Since we record a new show every two weeks, on off weeks we do a link roundup of things we've read and want to share.

Here's what's on tap this week:

  • Miss Piggy on her feminism: I believe that any woman who refuses to accept society’s preconceived notions of who or what they can be is a feminist. I believe any woman who is willing to struggle, strive — and if necessary learn karate — to make their mark in the world is a feminist. And, yes, I believe that any woman, who cares about her appearance, her star billing and most especially her percentage of the gross, is a feminist.
  • As the summer movie binge gets into gear, you're going to want to print out this feminist summer blockbuster drinking game to be able to refer to it. (Our local theater chain, the Alamo Drafthouse, makes it easy on you by serving alcohol during the movie! Becca and I both have favorite "adult milkshakes" there.)
  • Connie Britton hula hooped on James Corden's show, as if she were not already perfect enough? Also, look at Guy Pearce sitting on that couch, looking at Connie and James and stroking his beard, all "I've had this dream before."
  • Over at Texas Monthly, Dan Solomon (who, full disclosure, I'm friends with) compares the police response to black kids at a swimming pool in McKinney to white bikers shooting each other in Waco.
  • Reese Witherspoon, Sarah Michelle Gellar, and Selma Blair hung out together and saw the Cruel Intentions musical and appeared to have any awesome time. 15-year-old Allison and Becca have to go lie down now.
  • If Vin Diesel Were Your BoyfriendIf Vin Diesel were your boyfriend, he would hold your nephew and laugh and look at you every time, amazed, as though you had anything to do with it. [Though, WHERE is the mention of the D&D game he sets up for the two of you and Judy Dench???]
  • The Kahuku High School class of 2015 seems a hell of lot more fun than the kids I went to high school with.
  • We're fans of Oliver Jeffers' picture books here at TWiL, but hey, he also does weirdo performance art about memory!
  • Via Jezebel, studies find that experiencing real awe can make you a kinder person.
  • Please read Ta-Nehisi Coates on Kalief Browder, and the individual toll of our justice system: The numbers which people like me bring forth to convey the problems of our justice system are decent tools. But what the numbers can’t convey is what the justice system does to the individual black body. Kalief Browder was an individual, which is to say he was a being with his own passions, his own particular joys, his own strange demons, his own flaws, his own eyes, his own mouth, his own original hands.
  • An infographic on how many people various Marvel characters have murdered. So one of our more cheerful infographics. (The answers will not surprise you.)
  • The Rock Reveals That He Has A Huge Crush On Hayley Atwell. As Becca said in her email to me about this, "This is everything. Please disregard every other time I've said that ever."