This Week in Links 51

Since we record a new show every two weeks, on off weeks we do a link roundup of things we've read and want to share. Here's what's on tap this week:

  • At Slate, they're taking a look at the "prefatory bitch," the sentence construction "Bitch, [whatever.]" We here at TWIL are no strangers to this -- our corrections segment is called "Bitch, Please" -- and we're fans: The prefatory bitch, if I were to animate her, is a zephyr at your statement’s back, blowing it past the shoals of dissent, into the realms of the inarguable.
  • Here are 23 female cartoonists on drawing the female body (complete with drawings). Some lovely art and thoughts here.
  • Anna Kendrick, always a delight. 
  • BuzzFeed has a really thorough, sound list of questions about sex ed at Hogwarts. The people need answers. 
  • In the 1690s, a British periodical called the Athenian Mercury had what is now considered the first ever advice column. Atlantic Monthly reproduces some questions and their answers. No one is unhappy with their in-laws or their coworkers, but they do want to know things like "What is the cause of the winds, and whence do they come, and whither do they go?" or "Dancing, is it lawful?"
  • Friend of the show Matthew Jackson is over at Playboy explaining what the hell the Infinity Stones of the MCU are (and it's SFW).
  • You're probably already mad about having to wait in line for the women's bathroom while men sail on unencumbered, but this TIME article about the way that reflects our bullshit sexist society is going to get your dander even more up.
  • BookRiot defends liking princess books (as we have done ourselves, and will continue to do forever and ever). Plus she's got some great recommendations to get you out of the Disney-only box: [T]here’s a lot that’s problematic about the Princess Ideology – it’s nepotistic; it places a premium on things like appearance and virginity; it’s trying to sell you Frozen diaper wipes. But A PIRATE’S ACTUAL JOB DESCRIPTION IS THIEVING AND RAPING so let’s not be so literal about our kids’ choice of imaginary occupation.
  • Here at TWiL HQ, we like the Avengers, infographics, and ranking things. (We like other stuff too, but honestly, that pretty much covers it.) So this infographic of all Avengers teams since the inception of the Avengers-titled comic series is way our jam, as is this Entertainment Weekly ranking of every Avengers team member ever. (Anyone who titles a post "Let's rank every Avenger ever" is just TRYING to seduce us. It's working.)
  • As the Token Female Member of This Action-Adventure Team, My Job Is to Kick