This Week in Links 48

Since we record a new show every two weeks, on off weeks we do a link roundup of things we've read and want to share. Here's what's on tap this week:

  • These people have PhDs in Selena. That, my friends, is living right.
  • Friends of the show Stacked Books are running a great series of posts right called "About the Girls." Check out Elana K. Arnold's piece on "appropriate" literatureMaybe the books I write are appropriate. Maybe they are not. But I think it should be up to the daughters to make that decision, not the mothers. Censorship—even on a familial level—only closes doors.
  • This Mash-Up of Famous Dance Scenes Is Your New Favorite Video. Cosmo is not lying; this fanvid is legit gonna give you feels.
  • HuffPo looks at the ways that omitting punctuation can make your jokes better which, look, I realize we're getting real nerdy here but hear me out: And so we’re rid of certain hangups. Unburdened of the need to prove our online facility with perfectly formatted sentences, we’re able to experiment. This has led to a writing form McCulloch calls "the opposite of shouting" -- little punctuation, no capitalization, essentially a run-on sentence. 
  • Ronald Wimberly wrote and illustrated a great piece about being asked to lighten a Marvel character's skin for The Nib.
  • Also at The Nib, here are some totally practical superlady costumes.
  • Marty Stroud was one of the prosecutors in the 1984 Shreveport murder trial of Glenn Ford, a man who has since been exonerated and released from death row. Stroud wrote a letter to the editor of the Shreveport Times about his role in the trial, and it is a stunning and fierce condemnation of our justice system: The audacity of the state's effort to deny Mr. Ford any compensation for the horrors he suffered in the name of Louisiana justice is appalling. I know of what I speak.
  • Jesse L. Martin and the cast of Flash sang a gospel version of the theme to the TV show Firefly, and as I said to Becca in an email, this makes that song not terrible, which is no small feat.
  • On the creation/amplification of accents and tourismAnd if such interactions with foreigners turn regular people into specimens, what about the experience is “authentic” anyway? Businesses that use language as a product seem to be taking the theme park mentality of “living villages” into actual towns, turning daily life into performance. 
  • Please watch this video of Obama hugging a bunch of little girl scientists in capes and then everything will be okay.
  • HuffPo's got a great list of 18 queer comics artists you should know.
  • Because podcasting is an aural medium, you cannot tell that Becca and I are generally making at least one Gesture for Critical Discussion at any given time.