This Week in Links 38

Since we record a new show every two weeks, on off weeks we do a link roundup of things we've read and want to share. Here's what's on tap this week:

Also, tomorrow is Veteran's Day, so thank you to all the men and women who serve (with a special shout out to Becca's dad).

  • Hey, wanna feel as furious and powerless as you have in a really, really long time? May I recommend the New York Times op-ed "Pregnant, and No Civil Rights." Once you're done screaming, crying, and stabbing pillows with kitchen knives, please consider both a strongly worded letter to your representatives, and a donation to an organization that fights for reproductive justice.
  • Let's switch gears to something happier: T-Pain did a Tiny Desk Concert. This is real life.
  • What a country calls itself is its endonym (don't you just feel so great knowing that's a thing and that's what it's called???), and Mental Floss has a super cool map of countries' endonyms. 
  • The Chronicle of Higher Education asks, Which Marvel Superhero Could Run a University? God, I love nerds.
  • We here at TWiL HQ are no fans of Daylight Saving Time, for reasons best illustrated by this fake movie trailer.
  • The Daily Dot has a thoughtful piece on catcalling, the #dudesgreetingdudes movement, and where we get our emotional comfort from: But let’s grant for a moment that it really is just about saying hi and connecting with another human being. Let’s grant that it is earnestly important to these men to be able to greet random strangers on the street and receive their attention. As both research and data show, it can be difficult for men to reach out to other men for things like that. When a guy is bored on the subway or while walking down the street and wants someone to brighten his day, chances are, he’s going to ask a woman.
  • This week is the "reunions" issue of Entertainment Weekly, and they have a piece by Ernie Hudson on his bittersweet relationship with Ghostbusters (race is never explicitly mentioned, but it's the elephant in the room here).
  • Austin Light removes one letter from movie titles and illustrates the results. These are pretty freaking great, and I would see all of them.
  • Anita Sarkeesian was on The Colbert Report and did a great job explaining why video games could be, you know, better.
  • Anne Helen Petersen has a piece on the cult of Connie Britton over at BuzzFeed, and how her career, iconic role as Tami Taylor, and hair have become so important to so many people (me very much included): She’s still thin, white, beautiful, and straight, but she’s the thing that the vast majority of mainstream media pretends doesn’t exist: a woman over 40. More specifically, a woman over 40 whose image combines the sexual and the maternal, the ambitious and the empathetic.