This Week in Links 37

Since we record a new show every two weeks, on off weeks we do a link roundup of things we've read and want to share. Here's what's on tap this week:

  • Lance Bass was on My Drunk Kitchen. That is a whole lot of charming blond gay people making fish, right there.
  • Julieanne Smolinski tried out the "Uber for manservants" service in San Francisco, and it was, perhaps unsurprisingly, deeply weird: In fact, you don’t get to see any pictures at all — you only get to specify hair color, facial hair preference, age, and body type. I found the last category particularly lacking in diversity: your choices are “Lean,” “Toned,” and “Jacked.” I prefer a physique in the range from “just now sort of giving up” to “fanatical devotion to the outdated food pyramid.”
  • It seems like we still have to talk about fucking GamerGate, I guess, because this shit does not end. Over at TIME, James Poniewozik knocks it out of the park on why you -- yes, you -- should care about this, even if you don't know a joystick from whatever is another kind of thing you play video games with.
  • And Deadspin has a great piece on how GamerGate is the future of the culture wars (lucky us!), and how it ties in with past movements in American history: All culture wars strike these same chords, because all culture wars are at bottom about the same thing: the desperate efforts of the privileged, in an ever-pluralizing America, to cling by their nails to the perquisites of what they'd thought was once their exclusive domain.
  • NPR is no longer using the name of Washington's NFL team because it violates their policy on offensive language. We here at TWiL HQ also hate that name (fuck you, Dan Snyder, for claiming it "honors" Native Americans), so good job, NPR. Here's hoping more news outlets (and the FCC!) follow suit.
  • Women In Eagles Songs, In Order Of TrustworthinessThe Eagles are, fundamentally, a band of the West and its people. How can you trust a woman from the East?
  • Here is a weird and charming story about BLARPing, or roleplaying working in a generic office, complete with passive aggressive reply alls and Comic Sans notes on the fridge.
  • The Guardian has a fascinating, complicated profile of John Carlos, the 1968 Olympic bronze medal winner in the 200-meter dash -- better known for the famous photo of him on the winners' podium, giving a black power salute with gold medal winner Tommie Smith (and Australian silver medalist Peter Norman is wearing an Olympic Project for Human Rights badge in the photo; they told him what they were planning to do and he borrowed the badge to support them).
  • Writers and their dachshunds. Man, E.B. White. (My favorite of his many writings on dogs: The Russians, we understand, are planning to send a dog into space. The reason is plain enough: The little moon is incomplete without a dog to bay at it.
  • You smell nice today.