This Week in Links 05

Since we record a new show every two weeks, on off weeks we do a link roundup of things we've read and want to share. Here's what's on tap this week.

  • We know Comic Con is old news at this point, but you still have to read this amazing recap of the Women Who Kick Ass panel: "Hollywood needs to learn," she said, smiling, "That a woman of color is just as capable of carrying a sci-fi movie as Tom Cruise." 

    Tom Cruise had been on a panel three hours ago. I don't think she was being hypothetical.
  • Slate throws down on the age-old debate: Scrabble or Boggle?  (Slate votes Boggle, and Becca concurs.)
  • Over at NPR, Linda Holmes has some advice for young artists. You should read it even if you're neither. (She mentioned on Twitter that the post prompted an email from her dad that said, "Glad to know ya," which is just the best.)
  • The AV Club has a great review of Young Avengers #8 (which we also discussed in our most recent show):  One of the things that makes Young Avengers stand out from other superhero comics is that Gillen and McKelvie understand that a vast number of the book’s readers aren’t heterosexual men. 
  • The King family (as in Stephen) have a Corgi named McMurtry (as in Larry), which is but one of the many charming details in this New York Times profile
  • You have to see this gorgeous cartoon that illustrates part of Carl Sagan's Pale Blue Dot
  • The New York Times interviews book cover designers on their decision making processes, including early drafts they didn't end up using. (If you like YA fiction, you should also check out Stacked Books' series on cover redesigns. Full disclosure: we're friends with the lovely women behind the blog.)