This Week in Links 01

Since we're recording a new show every two weeks, on off weeks we'll do a link roundup of things we've read and want to share. Here's what's on tap this week.

  • This Ann Friedman article for New York Magazine about why you should be friends with powerful women is right on: Surrounding yourself with the best people doesn’t make you look worse by comparison. It makes you better.
  • Author Stuart Sharp has a lot to say about the way romance is working its way into the sci fi genre. Unfortunately, it's all bullshit, as Foz Meadows illustrates.
  • The Mary Sue looks at why we don't have more female villains in our movies: Having female characters in films shouldn’t be about getting in a few nice, positive moments for women and then calling it a day. It should be about naturally having an equal distribution of genders in film roles.
  •  This comic by Alyssa Korea illustrates the problems with criticizing media from a feminist perspective. We know that feel, bro. (Also, shoutout to a fellow Daily Texan alum!)
  • Rachel Shukert gives some advice on writing a feminist YA novel over at Jezebel, and now we both really urgently need to read her novel: It was only when I had made the deal for a three-book series and was forced to deal with the ramifications of actually writing three books that I started to worry about the Message my books might send to the Youth of Today (or youths, as may more accurately reflect my admittedly limited readership.) And that if I was going to send any message at all, I sure as hell wanted it to be a majorly fucking feminist one.
  • Haters insinuated that Kelly Sue DeConnick supposedly got her job writing Captain Marvel and Avengers Assemble because she's married to Matt Fraction, and she took that shit down. Deeply admire her insistence on standing up for herself and the history of her work, deeply regret she has to keep doing it. (Sidenote: Anon wasn't wrong about the lack of diversity among Marvel's writers and artists, and it is a problem. Anon was way, way wrong to make his/her point in that manner.)
  • John Green's newest US History Crash Course is on Women in the 19th CenturyCritical info, people.
  • And finally, This Week in Ladies officially endorses Thug Kitchen's blackberry bourbon fizz recipe.  Crisp and refreshing for summertime.