Thank You and Goodnight

Hey, listeners!

Sorry it's been so long since you last heard from us. After a lot of thought and conversation, we've decided to retire from the podcasting game. This announcement is long overdue, owing to the rest of life getting in the way, but after three years of feels, House sorting, recommendations, Youth Media Awards, bad tv, good tv, Real Ladies, superhero costume analysis, and feminist agendas, we just feel like this project has reached its natural conclusion. If you miss us, you can find us on Twitter @justplainbecca and @rooflizard or in the upcoming book Here We Are: Feminism for the Real World, edited by Kelly Jensen. While This Week in Ladies may be over, we'll never stop obsessing over popular culture or fighting the good fight for feminism, so follow us if you're into that kind of thing (or cats and dogs. or cheese. or Secretary Clinton's pantsuits.) Thank you for listening, commenting, and sharing. This was a labor of love and an absolute delight and we couldn't be happier that for a while we were able to share our conversations with you.

~Allison & Becca