Episode 77: Six Foot One & Tons of Fun

Hello and welcome to This Week in Ladies.

Here's what we've got on tap for you this week:

  • This Week in Comics
    All-New, All-Different Avengers #9, Ms. Marvel #7, Captain Marvel #5, Jem and the Holograms #15, Mockingbird #3, Hellcat #6, Astonishing Ant-Man #8 and Captain America #1 | The Wasp joins the All-New, All-Different Avengers, but not the one you think; Kamala Khan and Miles Morales have an encounter IRL; and, well... here's my favorite tweet about Captain America. (On a more serious note, Hello Tailor on this and "On Steve Rogers #1, Antisemitism, and Publicity Stunts.")
  • Everybody Wants Some!! (Yeah, We Do)
    Forget all the trailers you've seen for Everybody Wants Some!! that somehow emphasize the very minor romantic plot and watch this clip, in which the actors sing "Rapper's Delight," instead. Then listen to our extensive breakdown of the movie, which does, admittedly involve a fair amount of swoon (see also: gaze, female), but also some analysis of how this movie subverts masculine stereotypes while also being really entertaining. We recommend you take some time to go behind the scenes with this L.A. Times piece on the making of the movie, too.
  • This Week in Ladies Recommends
    Anthony Mackie on the Nerdist podcast

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