Episode 50: Peace in Our Time

Hello and welcome to This Week in Ladies!

Here's what we have on tap for you this week:

  • All Ultron Extravaganza!
    This week, we're all about Avengers: Age of Ultron (isn't everyone?). Get ready for some deep cuts, as This Week in Ladies achieves peak MCU geekdom. We talk about nightmarish mind-manipulation visions, water-induced woo-woo visions, and The Vision. Plus, our feelings about characters new and old, secret families, caricature villains, and Cap vs. Iron Man. You guys, this movie was a preview of both the upcoming superhero Civil War in the third Captain American movie, and possibly the upcoming TWiL Civil War. Tony, Steve. Can't we all just get along? For our sake? We wrap up with an updated sorting of MCU characters into Hogwarts houses, which we did way back when we talked about Iron Man 3 in our very first episode. What a long, strange trip it's been, y'all.

Thanks for listening!