Episode 49: Brain, Heart, Pants

Hello and welcome to This Week in Ladies!

Here's what we've got on tap for you this week:

  • Bitch, Please.
    We (well, Allison) issue an on-air apology to Allison's mom, who disputes our description of her reading habits in Episode 47. Sorry, Mom!
  • This Week in Comics
    Spider-Woman #5 & #6, Silk #2, Lumberjanes #13, Ms. Marvel #14, Ant-Man #4 | (Also Rat Queens #10, Hawkeye #2, Captain Marvel #14, Saga #27 mentioned in passing) In an attempt to make this episode a short one (haha, guess how well that went), we just mention the hits of the past two weeks. Becca gives Silk another try, the Lumberjanes get a flashback, Ant-Man leans into its Miami roots, and Ms. Marvel looks at culture clashes. We also talk about the new Marvel TV show Daredevil, which we're mixed on (but they are making the show available to blind viewers--good for you, Marvel and Netflix). And Becca gives us a preview of what to look forward to on Free Comic Book Day (May 2!).
  • Media Made Just for Us
    In our main segment this week, we talk about the media that felt like it was made just for us, like the creators sat around talking about target demographic: US. This is the media that makes us feel like someone is in our minds and they are taking notes. In addition to sharing some of our examples--Hamilton, the musical by Lin-Manuel Mirandasuperheroes in seersucker suits--we examine what makes a piece of media "just for us." It must either feature a collection of things you always enjoy in media or really resonate with you to the point that it feels like it's about you. The age at which you encounter this media certainly makes a difference, as does how you encounter it. Lastly, your love of this kind of media can't come as a surprise. It will always leave you feeling like, "well, yeah. Of course I loved it. It was made for me."
  • This Week in Ladies Recommends
    A: "Milk Milk Lemonade" by Amy Schumer
    B: Road House starring Patrick Swayze and Sam Elliott