Episode 44: Not Wholly Evil

Hello and welcome to This Week in Ladies!

Here's what we've got on tap for you this week:

  • This Week in Comics
    Hawkeye #21, Bitch Planet #2, Saga #25, Angela #3, Ant-Man #2, Lumberjanes #10, Ms. Marvel #11, Unbeatable Squirrel Girl #2, Lady Killer #2, Sex Criminals #10 | Holy comic books, Batman! Lots of great stuff this week, but "Ant-Man #2" was definitely the standout. So, congratulations, Scott Lang, you're winning at something.
  • American Library Association's Youth Media Awards
    It's our second annual breakdown of the YMAs, announced at ALA's Midwinter Meeting on February 2. You can find all the winners here, but tune in for our discussion of the winners, featuring the off-putting appearance of hair in mixed media artwork; the business end of a shark; and the loving (syn. affectionate, considerate, generous) treatment of language, lists, and oddballs. You should also check out Caldecott Medal Winner Dan Santat's tumblr.
  • This Week in Ladies Recommends
    B: "Amira & Sam"
    A: "Justified," Season 6, featuring Sam Elliott
    Both: Sam Elliott generally and in Roadhouse, specifically