Episode 14: Down 'n' Out in District 12

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Here's what we've got on tap for you this week:

  • This Week in Comics
    All the comics! | No, really. We got new issues of all the comics we keep up with in the last two weeks. And we understood... some of them. We'll fill you in on Hawkeye, Avengers Assemble, Saga, and Sex Criminals, but we'll need you to fill us in on Young Avengers and Pretty Deadly. And somehow we talk about the brilliance of Toxic Doxie's costume without mentioning how tragic that name is.
  • This Week in TV
    Television Adapted from Books | Becca talks Mob City and Roswell (again) and Allison talks Orange is the New Black and Justified as we consider what makes a book or book series a good candidate for adaptation. (Links will take you to the Goodreads pages for the books on which the shows are based.) Bonus content: Books written by fictional characters from TV shows! Let us know what TV show adaptations you love or which books you'd like to see on your TV every week.
  • Catching Fire and Film Adaptations
    We're no Siskel & Ebert, but we give Catching Fire two thumbs up and specifically consider its success as an adaptation and Allison gets in a plug for Gregor the Overlander. We also talk other adaptations and even give credit where it's due to movies that are better than the book. *gasp* For more consideration of The Hunger Games franchise, check out Linda Holmes piece on Peeta's role as Katniss' movie girlfriend and The Onion's hard-hitting film review.
  • This Week in Shit You Should Be Listening To
    "Dimestore Diamond" by Gossip

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