Episode 10: The Pine Tree & the Lone Star

Hello and welcome to This Week in Ladies! 

Thanks for your patience in awaiting this week's episode. As mentioned in Sunday's blog post, illness struck TWiL HQ and we were forced to postpone. But, at long last, here it is!

Here's what we've got on tap for you this week: 

  • This Week in Comics 
    Saga #14, Young Avengers #10, Avengers Assemble #19 and Sex Criminals #1 | We find out what Matt Fraction's been up to in the long, dark weeks since we last had a new issue of Hawkeye. Results are varied.
  • This Week in TV 
    Maine: Once Upon a Time, Murder, She Wrote and Under the Dome (It's by Stephen King, so duh.) | Texas: Dallas, Friday Night Lights and King of the Hill (And more! Texas is fertile ground for television.) | You guys. It was really hard to keep our Under the Dome conversation on the topic of Maine and not just talk about how it's the greatest. Also, Barbie. We didn't talk about him at all, so the Pope can expect our application for sainthood in the mail. Find out what Business Insider thinks is the most popular television show set in your state here. Also, you're going to watch to watch this supercut of JR Ewing being absolutely terrible/amazing.
  • Deep in the heart of Texas! As Maine goes, so goes the nation!
    Every fifth episode, we talk real ladies; today we talk about some of the great women of Texas and Maine. Take a look at Gov. Ann Richards' keynote of the 1988 Democratic Convention and the no-less-inspiring no-talking spot she did for the Alamo Drafthouse. Here's Molly Ivins' NYT obit for Elvis Presley. May they all three rest in peace. As promised, here are lot of links featuring Anna Kendrick being charming and/or hilarious: 28 Great Tweets, more great Tweets, playing cups on Letterman, and, finally, talking about the infamous Claremont Lounge in Atlanta (text only; if you know where to find video, let us know!). Plus, I know you're dying to know more about the Declaration of Conscience.
  • This Week in Shit You Should be Listening To 
    "West Texas Wind" by Dixie Chicks
    "Fiery" by Essence

So, tell us about your home state! Does TV do your state or its accent justice? What famous ladies from your state do you admire (slash want to hang out with)? Any good music we should be listening to? We love state pride, y'all, and we want to hear all about yours.

Thanks for listening!